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An integrated four stage package for low energy housing

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With the advent of stricter Building Regulations in relation to energy conservation and CO² emissions there is a greater need for a fully co-ordinated approach to the thermal performance of the building envelope and the design space heating and ventilation.

It is hard for clients to evaluate the bewildering array of competing options available. The service offered is intended to assess the client's general and particular requirements, through informal dialogue at a short meeting and provide appropriate practical advice on a range of standard to zero carbon solutions available, how they can be designed for maximum efficiency and their comparative installation and running costs and payback periods, all with the aim of establishing the best strategy upon which to base subsequent design work.

* when included as part of the four stage package otherwise £250+VAT

SAP Ratings (Standard Assessment Procedure)

These are a measure of the thermal performance of the house and take into account details in relation to:-
- calculated insulation values of all parts of the building envelope
- CO² emissions
- energy input from electrical installation, water and space heating

A satisfactory SAP rating is a requirement for Building Warrant and full details have to be submitted at application stage to demonstrate energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint

The process of arriving at a satisfactory SAP rating has necessarily to be coordinated with the architect's design work.

The service includes for the provision of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at completion allowing the issue of a Completion Certificate by Building Control

Design Service

Before the introduction of current energy conscious Building Regulations, the design of heating, hot water and ventilation systems was often handled in a haphazard manner and left to the installer whose knowledge of the thermal performance of the building fabric often resulted in uncoordinated and wasteful design.

The service offered is designed to ensure that the solution adopted is a fully engineered one tailored to the client's needs and properly coordinated with the house design.

The service ensures:-
- consistency with the SAP calculations ensuring compliance on completion
- good performance with low running costs
- good energy efficiency and low carbon footprint
- production of a design with drawings and specifications which can be used as a basis for obtaining quotations and installation by local contractors, without the need for specialists

Certifier Of Design

A recent change in the Building Warrant Application process allows for certification by approved and suitably qualified professionals.

If the design services are provided, certification can be provided at Building Warrant Application stage. The benefits are:-

- speeding up of the processing time by Building Control
- a 10% discount on the Building Warrant Application fee

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